Success And Getting Results

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Business

Success is an outcome of your choices and the decisions you make. To be successful you have to decide what is important to you.

Our success begins with a desire, our hunger to achieve something, our passion drives us to do things that are important. We have a solid focus and are prepared to work hard and push to get results.

When we want something badly enough we will fight and struggle and be willing to continually struggle because our commitment and determination to success is strong.

We hustle.

We will do whatever it takes, we will study and research options, create relationships and networks. We will invest time and work crazy long hours through the night to get results.

An expert is always a student first.

Our attitude is tough and resilient and we know we have to work hard to earn success.

Success may be as an elite athlete or as a business owner. Successful people understand the concept of ‘grind’. Grind is when you work hard and stick at it with persistence over time. The trilogy of success according to Tai Lopez is “knowledge, strategy and execution (KSE)”.

You need to have a hunger and thirst for information and then put that information into action. You need to have strategy. I saw a great T-shit the other day that said “we have a strategy it’s doing things”. It can’t get much more straight forward than that. Execution is where you immerse yourself into your project or work and get around other people doing the same thing.

When you engage at this level you gain momentum – what you are doing needs to get better every day. You need to focus on building up and staying on the rise. If your business is not growing the only other alternative is that its dying and that wouldn’t be too good, would it?

What are you doing to improve your knowledge or learn something new this week? I am reading “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock. This fascinating book centres around the idea that as you learn, “more about how your brain works, you begin to see that many of your foibles and mistakes come down to the way your brain is built. “So next time you are tough on yourself, you can say, that’s just my brain”. This approach may be far better than trying to express your emotions. And it’s probably much better than trying to suppress your frustrations about your foibles”.

Reading and learning is FREE and it’s interesting that most business owners choose not to take advantage of this powerful business tool to improve themselves and their businesses.

I read an interesting thing the other day emanating from research from The London Business School that it is more likely to change a habit we need to experience the change over 66 days. Most other studies have suggested it takes 30 days to change a habit.

I have chosen to do my own personal study. I have reduced my alcohol consumption, I’ve discovered that it makes me more alert and energetic enabling me to do more, increase my productivity and improve my daily results. As of today (14th September 2016) I am up to day 38 of no alcohol and so far the outcomes are interesting. I am more alert. I am studying more, I am reading more and I feel really well, have higher energy levels and I’ve also noticed my complexion has improved and that’s with 28 days of my highly unscientific personal experiment yet to go.

Another aspect of this study is the reducing costs by changing my lifestyle. Not all choices are equal or sustainable or in fact sane. It depends on how badly you want change.

Finally, speaking about loss or giving up we are far more comfortable about moving away, not moving towards goals (I’ll explain this concept in a later blog).

This reminds me of a joke “Did you hear about the person who went on a Gin and Tonic diet? So far they have lost 2 days”

As your coach I help you reappraise things, I challenge you to see things from many angles or different perspectives. What knowledge and information are you using to make your business choices and strategies and how are you choosing to execute your planned strategy. How many other pathways will lead you to higher levels of success in a shorter time frame?

I am just wondering?

Until next time,