There Are Not Many Bad Businesses..

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Business

“There are not many bad businesses, there’s a lot of crappy business owners” – Keith Cunningham

If you are a good business owner and you have a great business, then well done. You are in the minority. If you are in business and not happy or fulfilled and you want things to be better, then you need to work harder on yourself than you do on the business. Most businesses are not planned they are created on an ideal that running your own show will give you freedom. In the beginning it does the opposite. It ties you up frustrates you and promotes stress and, many other emotions like anger. The freedom comes only if you have clarity and talent to build and grow your business. This is why 8 in 10 business don’t make it successfully into their third year.

My mission is to reverse that statistic. I am a solid resource and I am strong and capable of achieving anything that I put my mind to. I will always push you to the limit of my ability. Good is never enough. Outstanding is my destination. It is with this clarity of purpose that I am an amazing teacher who supports and influences business owners to break through barriers to exceed their goals.

This works because I have clarity of purpose, I know my why!

To change business owners and get outstanding results I have crucial and difficult conversations. Business owners are challenged by me to identify what is so crazy it scares them. They don’t know how to do it, and they certainly don’t know that it will work. It is outrageous. I push clients to levels of their own incompetence.

“There is no evidence that you should ignore your weaknesses” Brendan Burchard

Overall weaknesses could kill your business. So what have you been avoiding because it is too hard?

You need to build your business with help and supporters, don’t do it blind and in isolation. Be genuine and your authentic self this is not a play so stop acting and talk truthfully. You are operating from a comfort zone and you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. I will do that as a coach because everybody else in your life loves you too much to tell you the truth.

“We buy your act when you truly love your profession and your act is who and what you are” Marshall Goldsmith.

“All the world is a stage” Shakespeare, so take to the stage with love, heart and passion and the care of your soul.

Business owners who are outstanding and represent to 10% of business owners who succeed think very, very differently than the business owners who fail, and go out of business. They are the crappy business owners.

Those that succeed have a different vision and mindset which leads to behaviours that challenge the status quo. You get to choose which strategy you adopt.

Keep making the magic happen

Chris Morrison

Coach, mentor, teacher