Client Case Studies

Business success is a marathon not a sprint.

It takes 7-10 years to be instantly successful in business

Lee and Tamara Taylor – Mudgee NSW

Cudgegong Plumbing and The Mudgee Tile Centre

Coaching 10+ years

When Lee and Tamara started being coached they were in a bit of chaos with their business. They were having a red hot go without really knowing if they were doing the right thing or doing things right to be successful. They are both great people who are unassuming about their success and achievement.

Coaching worked (and continues to) for Lee and Tamara because they listened and learnt and implemented nearly everything that they learnt. It would be fair to say they didn’t know the difference. The result of their willingness to try new things meant that they were silently building a successful business without too much fuss or fanfare. Coaching has opened their eyes and minds to see and explore bigger opportunities, take calculated risk all within the supported framework and guidance that I offer them through coaching. I ask big, deep and thoughtful questions to enable to think through each scenario and make decisions that are right for them, their family and their businesses.

The concepts of building a successful business/s are simple but not easy. What set them apart is their decision making. It grows more courageous each year and they took action and implemented systems that made being successful repeatable. Their accountant said that he had never met any young business owners who were getting the results they were getting at such a young age. He suggested that they “keep doing what they were doing”. Coaching gives them accountability to take action and continue to take steps of progression.

Lee and Tamara are great examples of what young ambitious business owners can achieve through coaching. I am so proud of them and their success. They are an absolute pleasure to coach. Lee’s quiet subtle humour and idiosyncrasies have made coaching him and his businesses something I look forward to.

Justin and Libby Johnson – Orange NSW

PhyzX, Orange, Bathurst and Blayney

PhyzX 2U – Mobile health clinic

PhyzX Pilates

MILC – Mothers clinic and retail shop

Coaching 10+ years

Justin and Libby have been wonderful coaching clients. They are a young dynamic couple who started coaching with me when they had one small physiotherapy practice, and one little girl. They now have a family of five beautiful children and multiple businesses.

Growing a family and building multiple business simultaneously is a gigantic undertaking. It must be said that they are like chalk and cheese when it comes to getting things done. Libby is a no fuss get things done type of person (this could be a generic nursing quality or just what it takes to be a mother of a large young family and entrepreneur). She has also shown a limited appetite for risk. Justin on the other hand has always been a big dreamer and thinker. He has the capacity to overthink and analyse most things. He is a determined risk taker who often scares his wife with his ambition and crazy ideas. This mixed with a healthy dose of procrastination has resulted in some tough coaching sessions between us where the difficult questions are asked and discussed.

Success never occurs in straight lines. Believe me it has taken 10 years for Justin and Libby to be instantly successful in their business/s. They have weathered many personal and professional storms to achieve their success.

Through my coaching I offer them a safe haven to discuss anything about their business. From their biggest fears, to chewing over arising opportunities, to everyday operational issues that need addressing. I am also there to ask questions, to make them think and to hold them accountable to their dreams and goals. I am there to help them be the best they can be. I am on their team and in their corner.

I admire their strength and resilience to get through tough times. Their ability to continually work hard to achieve their goals is a stand out quality.

Justin and Libby are excellent examples of what can be achieved financially, professionally and personally when you plan and execute that plan consistently, without losing sight of your visions and dreams. They are delightful people to coach as they see the value that I bring to the table to support them in their businesses.

Justin and Libby have work hard for the past 10 years building business. This has given them the planned opportunity to build, and sell, there saleable asset. In 2020 they have divested 80% of their business for a price that has enabled them to realise their dream of becoming financially independent and debt free. They have retained a 20% ownership of PhyzX and are involved in its future expansion at a strategic level.

Be clear, this was a planned goal from the beginning that they set and worked for continuously. So, it comes as no surprise to me as their coach that it happened. They are now supercharged to enter into new opportunities and future business from a rock solid base.

Lochlan and Katie Donald – Mulwala NSW

Hay Producers

Coaching 18+ months

Awarded best NSW Hay Producer 2019 and 2020

Lochie has always been committed to being a great farmer. He is practical and an excellent farmer who thinks about improving his production constantly. Being a deep thinker he is always looking to do this better and improve his soil and results. Lochie spends a lot of time on his own and in his head doing what he does best – growing hay.

When I first met Lochie and his wife Kate, they were not working together as a team on their business. There was a level of frustration that the business lacked cohesion and clarity. Lochie was focused on working hard to get great results. Farming is multi-dimensional, meaning that as a business it has complexities that need to be constantly planned and managed.

The first major task in this business was to get Katie and Lochie to work together on their future business strategies. We had to get some order and co-ordination in the financial performance of the business. I wanted Lochie to understand were his efforts were being rewarded financially. That is, was he making money in his farming business? He wasn’t sure!

Through coaching we have been able to quickly develop a business structure and financial systems to measure results in a timely fashion. Katie and Lochie are now in sync and work together on building their business. They now know what’s working and what’s not which enable them to do something about it. 

We have totally restructured the finance in the business which has created certainty and opportunity.

Lochie’s initial resistance to coaching was a fear that as his coach I was going to change him against his will. My desire through coaching was to get Lochie to identify what he wanted and to change himself to get the results he deserved and was capable of.

I love working with people like Lochie and Kate because I can see their future potential. They are great people who are totally committed to their family. They have so much opportunity and it is my responsibility as their coach to unleash that potential.

Jarrod and Emma Avery – Forbes NSW

Farmer, Cropping and Sheep

Coaching 2 years

I met Jarrod and Emma through the Young Farmers Business Program (NSW DPI) where I was running their one on one coaching program. Jarrod is one energetic farmer. He and his wife Emma are a solid team who are building their family (they have six wonderful children) and business one massive step at a time.

Jarrod is a ball of energy, powered by his strong personal belief and his faith in god. Emma is an inspirational person who has a wonderful element of calm which contributes a balance to their business and family.

Coaching this family is an absolute delight. Jarrod call me “champ” and expresses his appreciation to me constantly for the support and advice I provide him and Emma as I work with them to build a strong sustainable business.

Jarrod has a level of impatience that manifests as frustration for not being able to make things happen quicker. He is definitely on a mission to get things done.

Jarrod and Emma have a really strong set of values and have demonstrated that you can farm and live life to the fullest at the same time. They are not restricted to the farm business at the expense of their family. They are living proof that people lives can be multi-directional. Jarrod doesn’t use the farm and his high work load as an excuse not to live an abundant and committed life with his family and community.

Farming has been tough because of the drought since I have known Jarrod and Emma. Yet they remain optimistic and enthusiastic about their future. They work hard both in and on their business to get great results.

After coaching Jarrod for the first year I encouraged him to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship. Jarrod was reluctant to apply. His belief was the chances of him receiving the scholarship were slim. Not because he wasn’t good enough, just that others were more deserving. Long story short, he was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. Through coaching I love unlocking the potential of energetic, optimistic people like Jarrod and Emma Avery. I truly believe you “reap what you sow”.